International Organisation of Paper & Package Recycling

Our company has been dealing for over fifty years with collection, sorting, baling, as well as marketing-trade of paper scraps for recycling.

The company’s founder Mr. Kyriakopoulos Ilias, a true pioneer in his field, soon realized the importance of recycling. Today, with its second generation in leadership, DOANYS holds a significant market share and is a supplier for the largest domestic paper industries, as well as an exporter of old paper all over the world.

Our company disposes of privately-owned facilities, state-of-the-art machinery, significant expertise and experienced personnel. Our vision for DOANYS is to become one of the most modern and dynamic companies in the recycling industry, thus contributing to the sustainable development of our country’s economy.


In the demanding field of paper recycling, the most crucial factor is human resources. DOANYS, with its long course, relies on the continuous improvement and training of its people in new technologies, offering them the opportunity to evolve.
The respect and protection of the environment are concepts connected to our profession. Old paper is not a waste; it is a natural resource. By recycling it, we make the utmost contribution to the protection of our planet and the economy of our country.