Collection of waste paper is the first step in the recycling process.

Except from DOANYS there are also various types of networks that collect paper and cardboard.

The paper manufacturers usually buy the raw material from waste paper merchants.

These dealers can belong and be an integral division of a paper mill plant or they can be independent companies that specialize in specific fileds or operate like DOANYS in a geographic area.

In Europe, a small but growing amount of recycled paper is being provided by waste management companies where they find it economically advantageous to separate the paper, from the other wastes and sent it for recycle.

This naturally helps to reduce the amount of paper that end up in landfills.

The role of waste paper merchants and waste management companies is important.

The operation of the collection system must be cost effective and well-organized in order to ensure the required volumes of recovered paper and to that these quantities can be recycled appropriately.

The paper mills that depend on the recovered paper must have assurance of regular supply of raw material (paper).

This supply is being take care from all of us, the workforce of DOANYS.